Unraveling the Enigmatic Allure of That Which Flows By

That Which Flows By

In the vast universe of Manhwa, where stories weave intricate tales, one gem stands out – That Which Flows By. Venture beyond the ordinary and explore the depths of this captivating Korean Webtoon that seamlessly entwines magic, fate, and moral dilemmas. Join us on a journey through the fluidity of its narrative, delving into the intricacies that make That Which Flow By a spellbinding experience.

Discovering the Veins of Destiny: A Narrative Odyssey

That Which Flows embarks on a distinctive journey, departing from the conventional narratives that populate the Manhwa landscape. Instead of the usual high school setting, we are introduced to Yuri, a girl gifted with the extraordinary ability to see “lines of flow” that dictate destiny.

As she grapples with the moral quandaries of altering fate, the story unfolds with a magnetic force, drawing readers into a world where the consequences of manipulating destiny become an integral part of the narrative tapestry.

Characters Crafted with Complexity and Care

In contrast to conventional character tropes, That Which Flows By introduces a cast that transcends archetypes. Yuri, the protagonist, isn’t a mere vessel for supernatural abilities; she’s a complex high school girl navigating the ethical dilemmas of her power. Alongside her stands Takahiro, a childhood friend whose destiny becomes entangled in Yuri’s choices, adding layers of emotional depth to the storyline.

The Lines of Flow, representing the intricate web of destiny, elevate the narrative to a metaphysical plane. The story weaves a delicate dance between free will and preordained fate, exploring the consequences of wielding such profound power.

The Allure of That Dark and Edgy Tone

What sets That Which Flows By apart is its unapologetically dark and edgy tone. Unlike many Manhwa series, this one delves into the shadows, both metaphorically and literally. The supernatural element, coupled with the challenges of everyday life, creates a unique blend that resonates with readers seeking a narrative that goes beyond the mundane.

The stylized art complements the tone masterfully, enveloping the reader in a world where shadows whisper secrets, and every page exudes an atmosphere of mystery and suspense. It’s this atmospheric quality that makes That Which Flows an immersive experience, a journey through the shadows of the human psyche.

Beyond the Page: Where to Immerse Yourself

For those eager to dive into the world of That Which Flows By, the digital realm offers multiple gateways. Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga, and Mangasee123 stand as portals to this fantastical universe. Whether you prefer the convenience of Webtoon’s mobile app or the streamlined layout of Mangasee123, the options are varied and accessible. Embark on your reading adventure, where every click unveils a new layer of this captivating tale.

Anticipating Tomorrow: The Quest for That Which Flows By Season 2

As we stand on the precipice of anticipation, the burning question lingers: When will That Which Flows By Season 2 grace our screens? Alas, the official announcement remains elusive, leaving fans to decipher clues and speculate on the series’ future.

With meticulous attention to detail, we analyze the production timeline, the manga’s progression, and the intricate dance of talents behind the scenes. Season 2 may be shrouded in uncertainty, but the fervent fandom ensures the wait will be worthwhile.


Is That Which Flows suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! While delving into mature themes, the narrative remains accessible and engaging for readers of various ages. The universal themes of destiny and choice resonate with a broad audience.

What makes That Which Flows By different from other Manhwa series?

The unique blend of supernatural elements, moral dilemmas, and an unapologetically dark tone sets That Which Flows apart. It’s a refreshing departure from the conventional tropes.

Where can I find the latest chapters of That Which Flows By?

Several platforms, including Webtoon, Mangakakalot, KissManga, and Mangasee123, host the latest chapters. Choose your preferred platform and immerse yourself in the unfolding narrative.

Are there any hints about Season 2?

As of now, official hints about Season 2 are scarce. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned to official social media channels for announcements, teasers, and glimpses into the much-anticipated continuation of the story.


As we conclude this exploration of That Which Flows By, the allure of this Manhwa lies not just in its mystical narrative but in the depth of its characters, the embrace of darkness, and the uncharted territories it explores. It’s a tale that transcends the confines of its pages, leaving an indelible mark on those who dare to follow the temporary threads of destiny.

So, with anticipation in your heart and curiosity in your eyes, venture forth into the enigmatic world of That Which Flows By  – where every page is a revelation and every chapter a step into the unknown. You can also know about IHMS Chair by going through that blog.

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